In-person training

In-person training

Skima Architecture Group organizes a face-to-face workshop on specialized design of architecture based on "style" or "style". Therefore, people interested in participating in these workshops should fully study the following conditions before registering:
1.Registration for face-to-face workshops is possible only through the website of Skima Architecture Group at and online. People applying to participate in the workshops can refer to the top section of the page for (membership).
2.Applicants for Eskima Architecture Design Workshops must have a bachelor's degree or higher in architecture and related fields or be a student.
3.Applicants are required to upload their national card image, latest degree or student card upon completion of the registration form.
4.The capacity of face-to-face architectural design workshops is a maximum of 10 people.
5.The face-to-face workshops of the Skima Department of Architecture are supervised by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Navarre in Spain.
6.For more information and to view the cost table of workshops, refer to the table at the bottom of this page.


Cost with student discount


Professional training workshop for 5 plan design styles

February-March 6 sessions


1.200.000 toman1.000.000 toman

Professional training workshop for 9 facade design styles

February-March 10 sessionsRegistering1.500.000 toman1.250.000 toman

Professional training workshop on 11 interior design styles

February-March 12 sessionsRegistering1.800.000 toman1.500.000 toman

Professional workshop on 7 landscaping design styles

February-March 8 sessionsRegistering1.300.000 toman1.100.000 toman